“Le pli” – the wireless lamp

September 2017

For their term paper two design students of the State Academy of Visual Arts Stuttgart were facing the challenge to produce a wireless lamp out of paper via origami technique.

After weeks of various tests the concept was ready. The idea was born!

There needs to be some paper that owns origami foldability and at the same time shows conductive characteristics.

During their online researches, they both found out about conductive paper KOHPA®.

Through different samples the origami technique was tested until the students Sascha dos Santos and Tilmann Studinsky  found out the most convenient folding.

Through 10 LEDs – that are integrated in the upper half of the lamp –an acceptable brightness is achieved and this with the very low demand of only 5 watt in total.

On August 24, 2017 the lamp Le Pli was published in the Online Designmagazin Yankodesign:

„…plain has never looked so pretty !
Cleverly constructed almost entirely of folded paper…“
(Troy Turner Yanko Design)