Progress for the future

January 2017

Due to long-lasting research and industrial production of carbon fibre papers with different carbon contents, it was necessary – in terms of electric reactions – to find a possibility that makes the project able to create a panel heating that can cope with the requirements in practice.
Papers with different C-contents showed differentiated electric resistances.
The entire analysis shows that the electric conductance changes through minimal changes in C-contents. During the industrial production of carbon fibre paper, this fact demands an extremely precise dosing and controlled dispersion of the carbon fibres.

Surface heating and discharging static electricity

Due to all research results, it was possible to develop a calculation program, which defines the conditions for special applications and calculates variations.

Form stability - lightweight construction

About the use of carbon fibres and its controlled distribution in the carbon sheet, high rigidity values are reached even for low weight material. The exact form stability provides a smooth workability of the carbon fibre composite with other materials.

Sandwich construction – organic sheet

Through further developments a large-scale production of carbon fleeces made of 100% recycled fibres is possible. A sandwich construction shows interesting alternatives to the organic sheet made out of primary fibres.

Radiation Protection

Measurements with a microwave showed, that with carbon fibre paper KOHPA® a shielding effect is achieved. Thereby a ray reduction of 95.5 % is reached together with a stress reduction from 50 to 0.25 dB.

Furthermore the discussion on the market arose, that the topic „Protection against electric, magnetic und electro-magnetic radiation“ is a very important issue.

Through a coating of the carbon paper with different metals high absorptions and reflexion values can be reached. Through this, the up to today used lead and metal panels and respectively mesh would be invalid. Therefore a „wall paper“ made of carbon fibre would be applicable both in the ecological house construction as well as for wrapping and industry.

Principle of sustainability

The advantage of this system is due to the consistent, plane electric power distribution, form stability and further possible applications.

Even if the paper is damaged by wholes or cracks, the current carrying will not suffer from it – the proportionate distribution will be kept.

In addition, the principle of sustainability is fulfilled when using recycled carbon and paper fibres.

European Patent No. 2848734

Paper structure and its production from carbon fibres in a wet process 

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Electrically conductive paper structure