KOHPA® protect

Paper for radiation protection. It holistically protects against electrical and electromagnetic radiation and is used in ecological housing construction as well as in packaging for radiation-sensitive electrical construction components. A surface weight of only 80g/m² allows coverage over large areas as well as for complex package design. Jumbo rolls, with individual widths, optimize the use of material and time management.

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KOHPA® protect

Shielding benefits

Shielding efficiency 99.5-99.7%

high level of permeability

glued/refined surfaces

high level of wet strength
(custom made)

flame resistant
(custom made)

Protection for humans and animals through electromagnetic field shields!

  • High level of permeability
  • no carbon-nanotubes
  • no metals
  • 99% recycling material
  • only 80g/m²
  • easily shapable

Frequently Asked Questions

The name comes from the word, in German, KOHlenstofffaserPApier (Carbon fiber paper).

From natural and carbon fibers.

Carbon fibers are electrically conductive.

On a conventional paper machine.

Yes, KOHPA® protect can be used with normal wallpaper glue.

To achieve the best possible protection, each individual strips’ edges must be exactly aligned and touching. Absolutely no gaps between them.

Power outlet areas must be generously cut out. There must be no contact with live electrical lines or components.

Yes! KOHPA® protect can be painted over with any wall paint.

Yes! But only after KOHPA® protect wallpaper has fully dried.

An entire room’s walls, floor and ceiling should be equipped with KOHPA® protect (Faraday’s cage), so that the holistic protection against electromagnetic pollution is achieved.

For industrial customers on individual request. For private customers in our online shop.

Currently only available in Germany and Austria

You can order KOHPA® protect for delivery in Germany and Austria here.

KOHPA protect


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