KOHPA® therm

With a material thickness of only 0.2 mm, the lightest and thinnest surface heating is one of a kind on the market – made exclusively with natural and recycled carbon fibers. In addition to its good shapability, the patented material is breathable, dimensionally stable, and easy to process. KOHPA® therm defines itself by its specially developed contact strips (contacting). Low-voltage, in the range of 24V – 42V, can be applied to the contacting by qualified personnel. KOHPA® therm may only be used as surface heating with original contacts. With cost savings of up to 24% compared to conventional heating systems, this product is a groundbreaking energy revolution solution.

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KOHPA® therm

Surface Heating Applications

Wall, flooring and ceiling heating, mold control

Caravan and Campervan heating

Screen heating

Tabletop heating, heating panels, cupboard heating

Wing and rotor blade heating (ice prevention)

Electrostatic discharge

Auto-interior heating

Mobile-toilet heating

The world’s thinnest and lightest surface heating!

  • Natural breathability
  • contact without noticeable changes in thickness
  • no carbon-nanotubes
  • no foil carrier
  • 99% recycling material
  • only 80g/m²
  • easily shapable

Frequently Asked Questions

The name comes from the word, in German, KOHlenstofffaserPApier (Carbon fiber paper).

From natural and carbon fibers.

Carbon fibers are electrically conductive.

On a conventional paper machine.

On the edges of KOHPA® therm, conductive contact strips are applied for the plus and minus poles.

Note: KOHPA® therm may only be used as surface heating with its original contacts.

The poles are professionally and correctly connected to a transformer or switching network.

Note: KOHPA® therm may only be used as surface heating with its original contacts.

24-42 V in the harmless low-voltage range.

The electrons of the electric current reach the carbon fibers via the contact strips attached to the sides. Hence, it can warm up within seconds.

Infrared heat of 35°C is achieved – this means around 15°C above room temperature.

The heat produced by KOHPA® therm can be compared to the warmth of the sun’s rays.


As an infrared heater, KOHPA® therm creates a feel-good climate, which achieves the same effect as convection heating when the room temperature is 2 – 3°C lower. By reducing the room temperature by 1°C, heating costs of 6% are saved.

Low investment costs, no maintenance costs, no wear and tear, no resources provision needed.

The area output is 150 W/m².

Yes! KOHPA® therm is operated with electricity. This makes self-sufficient heating possible.

Compared to conventional radiators, KOHPA® therm does not generate any dust turbulence at all.

KOHPA® therm is not available for private sale yet. Only for industrial customers on request.

Installation von KOHPA® therm can only be installed by qualified personnel.

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KOHPA® therm is currently available for residential and commercial customers exclusively in Austria and Bavaria through our distribution partner 3D-eHEAT. Please visit our partner's website at www.3D-eHEAT.com. Further territories are in preparation and will be communicated via our Newsletter.

If you are an industrial customer and would like to contact us, we would be pleased to hear from you.

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